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William Clifton Beckman



WILLIAM CLIFTON BECKMAN, SR. Born: July 23, 1937 in Flint, MI

Deceased: January 22, 2022 in Black Canyon City, AZ

An incredible man in every way. Always so patient, giving, dedicated and love for life and people; so much so that he wrote this for his own obituary.

As a man grows older and life starts to dim, he begins to wonder what should I say.

How do I thank them for everything they did for me or thank mom and dad for my life?

I thank god for my children and my wife, a woman who stood by me and helped me with my life.

I thank all my neighbors and for the church to help keep our children in god’s family and my friend Carl Hillaker for the cow he gave us.

Through hard times and bad health, I say thank you to the doctors and nurses that stood together trying to make my life better.

I say thank you to all the waiters, clerks and everyday people that just smiled to make my day go much better.

There was some sorrow, tears and bad times but; never so many that it couldn’t be cured by meeting a person with a smile on their face.

So as the lights grow dimmer on this old man’s face I’ll try to form a smile so you will remember the good times we had.

I love my wife. I love my children. I love my many friends. I love everyone. I had no choice for God put us on this earth for one thing and that is to love everyone. So I close my eyes in sleep. Please remember I am here at Jesus’s feet.

No sorrows, no tears from this old man’s eyes, just thoughts from my soul. Remember my heart and my smile.

Jesus Saves John 3:16

I Love All of You.