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Marable refuses to accept PAC money

Herman Marable, Jr.

Herman Marable, Jr.

FLINT — Flint’s 68th District Judge Herman Marable, Jr. announced in a press release he has signed a pledge rejecting campaign donations from political action committees representing special interests that do regular business with the court.

According to Marable, this pledge applies to process servers, collection agencies, and the Genesee Landlords Association.

Marable said that it is important people understand justice is not for sale, nor should it be compromised due to the receipt of large campaign donations.

“People believe that these groups who do regular business at the Court expect something in return when they make a large donation. I will have no part of that. It might be legal, but to me it isn’t right,” said Marable.

Marable has been known for taking this position in previous races, although until recently he has not signed a pledge publicly stating his position.

He notified the other candidates of the pledge and has invited them to pledge as well.

Judge Marable is seeking re-election to his seat on the 68th District Court. There are two incumbent positions that include Marable and William Crawford II, and two challengers Glenn Cotton and Jill Creech Bauer. There are two seats available.

Marable was elected to Flint’s 68th District Court in 2000 and was re-elected in 2006. If elected this would be his third term. He was born in Flint, Michigan and has lived inside the city for almost 50 years. Before being elected as a 68th District Judge he was a Genesee County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. He has more than 20 years experience as a prosecutor and judge.

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