2018-10-11 / Viewpoint

Vote for women!

What really bothers me about the men who are trying to discredit Christine Blasey Ford (and all the other women who try to report abuse) is that they are most likely perpetrators of sexual assault themselves. They are trying to justify their actions, I guess, by denying that women don't experience these attacks on a regular and universal basis.

Find me a woman who says she has not been molested or assaulted or sexually harassed and I'll say that you have found a woman who still does not want to come forward, who still feels guilty, ashamed, and that it was her fault. (Even kids as young as 4 and 5 have thought it was their fault.) You will be dealing with a woman who knows she will probably not be believed.

And, just because a woman does not want to talk about it with her parents, her husband, her lover, does NOT mean it did not happen. It just means that she still can't talk about it.

Imagine if she were your 15-yearold daughter, simply looking for the bathroom, and suddenly being shoved into a room and forcibly restrained so some drunken idiot could attack her body.

Is it any different when it is your child or wife? Maybe not. Maybe there is some thrill/fantasy for these men too. It seems like the whole Republican Senate sees nothing wrong with it. With damaged and heartbroken women coming forward from all over the country, from every age group, race and nationality, you would think these men and their supporters would listen. But it seems they just want to follow their leader who has no problem grabbing women by their genitals and celebrating it. Shame on you, if you are one of them.

It is time to vote for WOMEN! If there is no woman running for the office, only then should we consider voting for a man - IF he is a Democrat. Even then, we must be careful. #METOO, #TIME’SUP.

Cris Rariden,
Grand Blanc

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