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Village chooses Mayne for DPW Superintendent

By Paula K. Schmidt
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GOODRICH — Although only one council member got their first choice, the Goodrich Village council displayed the essence of equanimity in compromising on the choice of Matt Mayne as the new Department of Public Works (DPW) Superintendent.

Mayne is currently serving as the Interim Superintendent and will be officially hired after Council President Mark Baldwin and Councilman Tim Light can sit down with him and negotiate a salary.

This will also require an offer to be made to Aaron Christner, who is a part-time DPW worker for a full-time position.

Councilwoman Shannon McCafferty put Mayne forward at the outset, and said she felt he was the best fit for the job, citing his extensive period of 18 years of service with the village. Councilman Jacob Vick said he had liked Christopher Duberg, but Councilman Tim Light was outspoken that he felt Duberg may have inflated his qualifications and others said they felt he was more of an administrator or desk person and they needed someone who would spend 90 percent of their time in the field working as well as directing the work.

Councilman Tim Barraco had favored interviewee and village resident Rich Harshaw and commended his integrity which he felt had been evident during the interview. Councilman Tim Light added he was in favor early on of just promoting Mayne. Vick asked if there was one person of the current DPW staff who had led recent upgrades to the village’s appearance and consensus was both. Vick said Christner was his second choice and Light said Mayne was his second choice.

Baldwin noted that regardless of a candidates’ supposed deficiencies, they can always be trained. The council will meet tomorrow, Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. to interview candidates for Village Administrator. Baldwin advised the council they need to have a “Plan B” in case the process is extended, as the current administrator, Jakki Sidge’s contract ends Nov. 2. Baldwin, who will not be running for re-election said as a final piece of advice to the council to take their time in choosing her replacement and be sure they have the right candidate.

Part-time deputy clerk and treasurer, Tracey Campbell was asked if she was willing to ‘step up’ if it took a little time to appoint a replacement administrator and she said she would. Baldwin also said that former township supervisor Shirley Kautman- Jones said she was willing to help out but her rate would be costly.

The council approved the 2nd Annual Santa Run & Rudolph Trot hosted by Goodrich Enrichment Activities & Revitalization (GEAR) which will take place Dec. 8 in the village.

They also approved the purchase of a used ditching bucket for the DPW to assist them in more cost effective catch basin and drain repair as it would remove less material and require less to be replaced.

Also approved were engineering proposals to be submitted for state and federal grants for two projects, currently called Hegel Road west and Hegel Road East. Public comment brought up maintenance of grassy areas near sidewalks at the south end of the village near the entrance of the Mill Pointe Shores subdivision. Residents apparently took it upon their selves to obtain a heavy-duty edger to get the overgrowth under control.

They were advised that this was an area which was the responsibility of the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain but Vick said the village had said they had done it in the past so perhaps they should continue to do so for the appearance of the village.

McCafferty said a resident at Mill Pointe had asked her about it and Baldwin said the DPW should be contacting MDOT to verify and if it is the responsibility of the state, to contact them as often as needed to get it taken care of.

Parks and Recreation chair Wendy Ciaramitaro said they were still looking for a project leader to help build stairs leading to Friendship path. She was cautioned that before they take any action on building those, the council needs to see plans drawn and criteria for the project in writing to ensure it is being done correctly and in accordance with code.

Code Enforcement Dave Lucik said he had two complaints he had started in May which were still active and he needed the assistance of the village attorney, Thomas McKenney, in pursuing tickets for the non-compliant residents. He said he was unsure of the process and what his authority was and had contacted Sidge to get the attorney’s help, but she had not been able to reach him.

Baldwin admitted he too had difficulty contacting McKenney at least three times. This prompted the council to approve a motion to assign the task to their labor attorney, Timothy Winship.

The village approved Trick or Treat hours for Halloween to occur from 6-7:30 p.m. McCafferty praised Baldwin for his service to the village, saying he had always been kind, courteous and respectful. Baldwin thanked the village residents and added it had been his honor and pleasure to serve the village. “I hope I did a little bit of good,” he said.

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