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What does road repair have to do with wealth?

Dear Editor:

Atlas Township Supervisor Tere Onica was credited in the May 31st edition of the Grand Blanc View of supporting the chip sealing of a portion of Vassar Road with the argument that very expensive homes would benefit. Assuming that the View’s account is accurate, what does the value of a home have to do with the business case to repave the road that it is on? This logic would imply that a less expensive home (and its less well-heeled owner) would derive a lesser benefit from road repair (or any other public service, for that matter).

In a democracy, public works and services are to be distributed without regard for the relative wealth of the recipient. To ignore this basic tenet puts one on a slippery slope. For example, should emergency services be prioritized according to the wealth of the neighborhood? I hope not.

In an era when the wealth gap between the richest Americans and the shrinking middle class is growing, this mind set is of particular concern.

I’m not weighing in on whether or not a particular portion of Vassar road needs repair. My point is that the net worth of the beneficiary of repairs should not be part of the business case, informally or otherwise.

Rob Cojeen
Grand Blanc

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