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TMI Climate Solutions approved for site upgrade

By Paula K. Schmidt
810-452-2647 • pschmidt@mihomepaper.com

GRAND BLANC TWP. — TMI Climate Solutions, a manufacturer of custom air-handling units off Baldwin Road met with members of the township Site Plan Review Committee last week and received approval to install a modular building which will serve as a sales demonstration area for prospective clients.

Director of Planning and Building, Mark Lloyd explained he met with officials at TMI prior to the meeting and let them know the issues which were likely to be addressed

Mike Glanton, Operations Manager for TMI explained they are a mechanical electrical manufacturer of prefabricated, modular, air systems.

The building they propose is a modular assembly as well, which will be able to demonstrate their product for those who might be interested in purchasing it. Per ordinance, the committee questioned the placement of three dumpsters on the lot and explained they were concerned these would be appropriately screened from nearby businesses and Holly Road traffic. TMI officials felt the buildings were sufficient screening but ended up compromising with township by agreeing to either additional trees on the landscape plan or a fence. The building would go on the east side of their current lot near a storage building.

No other conditions were required for approval and final approval may be done by administrative staff who confirm the condition for screening was met.

In other business, the planning commission met and in addition to discussing the approval of the sign ordinance, they heard that semi-truck parking at Wal-Mart continues to be an issue. Planner Joe Johnson said he was recently at the store and noted five violators and spoke with the manager at Wal-Mart and explained, as an anonymous citizen, that part of the approval of the Wal-Mart site plan was there would be no semi-parking.

Johnson said they wanted the site to be a ‘first-class’ operation and had no intention of allowing it to be a truck lot. Planner Ed Brown added he had met casually with Township Police Chief Ron Wiles, Superintendent Dennis Liimatta and Supervisor Scott Bennett to discuss the issues and explained they were all very aware of the problem and searching for a solution.

Lloyd said he also spoke with Wiles and Code Enforcement was sent out to take pictures and they have begun a conversation with “higher-ups” at Wal-Mart. The trucks in question are not Wal-Mart company trucks, the planners noted.

It was suggested there might be less objection to them parking behind the building. Brown also explained he had spoken with truckers who use the lot and been told there is absolutely no place for the semi’s to park in the township. However, Planner Mike Yancho said there is a truck stop in Mundy Township approximately six miles away.

“Those people drive hundreds of thousands of miles. There’s no reason they can't drive six miles to a truck stop where they have the proper facilities to refuel, to spend the night, to shower, go to the bathroom—all of those things,” Yancho explained. Brown said he was told these are actually township residents, however. Lloyd said he would report back to the planners.

The planners met chiefly to hold a public hearing on changes to the sign ordinance but no public attended so the commission recommended approval of the revised ordinance to the township board of trustees.

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