2017-06-15 / Viewpoint

Thanks for nothing, Grand Blanc Township board

Dear Editor

I just wanted to saythanks” to the Grand Blanc Township board, for not standing up for the residents near Hill and Genesee roads in Grand Blanc Township and allowing a gas station to be built.

We attended board meetings and voiced our concerns on why this gas station in a residential area was a bad idea. If we wanted to live near a gas station we would have bought a house near one. We like the subdivision/country living and the zoning and the ordinances that come with that.

The owner threatened you with a lawsuit and the board folded like a house of cards. The recent news of the leak at the Linden Beacon and Bridge illuminates why this was a bad idea yet you let the owner get his way.

The leak was stopped in 2014 and still plagues the residents three years later. It is a disaster in Linden. Great idea to allow a gas station to be situated near so many private wells in Grand Blanc!

The owner does not live near his gas station and couldn’t care less when his gas tanks leak and ruin all our wells. The Beacon and Bridge won’t own up to the problem and the Linden residents are suffering.

If you don’t protect the residents you represent why do you exist? Thanks again for representing us. Great job. NOT!

Kevin Smith

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