2017-03-16 / Viewpoint

Trump destroying the country

Republicans say they are pro-life, anti-abortion but they cut funding for all the programs these women and children need to survive and keep them healthy and put food on the table. I guess they want all these children to starve to death for the Republicans who cut funds for the less fortunate and working poor. they want to destroy farm land and sacred land in North and South Dakota to build the Keystone Pipeline which now doesn’t have to use American steel which Trump promised would be used. That would only benefit the Republican who control the oil industry like the Koch brothers. They deny climate change and cut funding to the EPA so they can use more coal and oil instead of wind and solar energy. How sad. Trump says he wants to keep America safe but wants to cut funding to TSA and coast guard to build Trump Wall. When Trum puts his 30 percent tax on Mexican imports, all of us will suffer. Trump is destroying this country with all his lies. Orange comb-over is Liar in Chief. — Dave Morris, Grand Blanc Township

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