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Senator speaks at local business breakfast

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Sen. Dave Robertson (R-Grand Blanc) recently addressed attendees at the Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast meeting. Sen. Dave Robertson (R-Grand Blanc) recently addressed attendees at the Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast meeting. GRAND BLANC TWP. — Although Lansing has received it’s share of boos and hisses over the last few months, Senator Dave Robertson spoke to business leaders assembled at the monthly Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce breakfast recently.

“We are interested in lifting burdens from hard working taxpayers like (you),: Robertson stated. He indicated his office’s focus is on “…what do we have to do that can make Michigan’s economy grow?” and that they are trying to “…view everything through the prism of economic growth.”

Robertson defended his support of the recent controversial labor bill known as the “Right to Work” law, agreeing that passions were very strong on both sides of the issue. He said he voted for it because he believed “… it was in the best interests of all workers,” and that it was a matter of “worker freedom of choice”.

“I do believe that was a necessary decision for us to make,” Robertson explained. He also said that shortly after that vote was cast, he received a call from an employer in Grand Blanc who stated he had taken three businesses out of Michigan and that the legislation would definitely be an incentive to him to bring them back.

“Many, many entrepreneurs are watching what we’re doing and basing their decisions on that,” Robertson said. “I want work for ... all to flourish, and all to succeed.”

He added he thinks the current group of lawmakers is in the process of making decisions which will put Michigan’s financial house in order.

“The budget has now been balanced two years in a row before summer break,” Robertson said.

He added the state now has $5 million in its ‘rainy day’ fund which helps improve the state’s bond rating which in turn makes it easier for the public to borrow money. He twice referred to Gov. Snyder’s slogan of “relentless positive action” and also discussed upcoming issues.

Two main issues on the current forefront are road repair and the high cost of the catastrophic claims fund for the state’s no fault insurance law. Regarding roads, he stated all options are on the table — including possibly dipping into the $5 million rainy day fund, but at least in the Republican ranks, the consensus is for no new taxes. He mentioned that auto insurance has also been a hot topic of debate for several years.

“I do believe there is a need for reform … there are areas to find cost savings,” Robertson said. One of those areas would be attendant care, which according to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, accounts for more than 57 percent of all loss payments — 38 percent to individual caregivers and families and over 19 percent to residential care.

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