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Volunteers needed

Welcome back to school! The Enrichment Brigade is up and running.

So what is it? Here in Grand Blanc we have great schools, and we are great supporters of our schools. But in these tougher times, even great schools need more support, and we all want our students to have the best education possible. The EB is a way to do just that, to be the community it takes to raise and train all our kids. The way it works is this. People sign up. They list their skills, interests, experiences and talents. Did you grow up in Japan, can you strip an engine, are you a poet, a lawyer, can you do set work on a stage, do you know archeology, were you in a war, are you an engineer, do you raise bees?

Do you own a business, quilt, do photography, run a television station, know another language. Do you have an hour or so to help. The options are endless. The point is not long term commitment, but to take the talents we have right here in our community and make them available so that when a teacher wants to know how to run a moot court, or a middle school poet needs a mentor or wants to put on a poetry slam, or a history class is studying WWII and would like the perspective of someone who lived through rationing, needs someone who knows sign language or chess, they can find those people.

To bring real world skills and apply them where most effective. Some of you are already known in one school, but the other schools don't know about you, and your school doesn't know about people in other schools. Some people will say they don't have kids, but we all benefit from strong schools, directly through property values and the magnet for bringing in good customers and neighbors, and indirectly in a better educated future and it is those of us whose kids are gone that may have the largest experience and skill set. Some will say they don't have skills, but even an hour of time can help. In a large class, a teacher can concentrate on the lesson, if someone can oversee a student catching up or another doing extra credit projects. The regular students benefit from loss of distractions and the others from more individualized lessons. There are opportunities also for career day, job shadowing, junior interviews and more for businesses.

So, how do you sign up? You go to grandblanc.schoolfusion.us/ or type in Grand Blanc Fusion in your search window. On the fusion page, on the left, click parents and community and then Enrichment Brigade. Follow the prompts to submit your information and background check (it is the 2000s). If you've already submitted a background check you don't need to do it again. If a teacher is interested in your skill, they will email you. You are always free to say no. I hope you join us and tell your neighbors. This could be a great resource for our kids. If you have questions or no computer, contact me at shscotland@aol.com or call 810-397-8827. — Sue Hendricks, Grand Blanc

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