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Smiley wins state rep seat for 2nd term

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Charles Smiley Charles Smiley BURTON — State Rep. Charles Smiley (D-Burton) pulled out a win Nov. 6 against Republican Miles Gadola of Grand Blanc in a re-districted territory he fought hard to secure.

Smiley defeated Gadola 25,224-16,178 for the 50th District seat which contains Burton and Grand Blanc.

The long-time Burton city councilman and 19-year mayor worked hard to win over unfamiliar territory in Grand Blanc by offering experience and a willingness to fight for important local issues at the state level.

“As former mayor, I saw first-hand the critical issues facing residents, making sure our roads are improved, thus creating an environment for job and business growth. These actions helped create an atmosphere where people want to live and raise their families,” said Smiley, 58, in a recent questionnaire from View Newspapers. “I have fought cuts to our schools, local units of government and our public safety programs. As a state representative, I voted against harmful legislation that hurts our most vulnerable citizens, seniors and children.”

Miles Gadola Miles Gadola Gadola, 51, of Grand Blanc, is currently serving as the 5th District Genesee County Commissioner.

He ran a campaign which focused on ensuring and maintaining educational opportunities for all children, providing safe and secure communities and taking steps to encourage job growth, job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“I believe the most effective way to achieve these goals is to enact policies that ensure quality educational systems, provide stable funding for public safety, and promote business friendly licensing, regulations and tax structures,” he said is response to The View’s pre-election questionnaire.

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