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Tattooing causefor a

Artist hopes to help those with medical conditions
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Candy Dunbar, of Almighty Tattoo in Grand Blanc, puts permanent makeup on a client. 
Photos provided Candy Dunbar, of Almighty Tattoo in Grand Blanc, puts permanent makeup on a client. Photos provided GRAND BLANC TWP. — After 10 years as a tattoo artist, Candy Dunbar said she found more and more women asking if she could do permanent makeup — so many she finally decided to learn as much as she could about it.

Now Dunbar — who owns Almighty Tattoo, 5521 S. Saginaw Road with husband Kyle — has become one of the most accomplished permanent makeup artists in the area and she wants to help others with her newfound talent.

Dunbar is inviting people with medical conditions resulting in hair loss, like cancer or alopecia, to come into Almighty Tattoo for free cosmetic tattooing.

“Anyone with cancer who has full or partial hair loss, permanent or temporary, can qualify,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if it was six months ago or 10 years … anything with a doctor’s referral.”

Dunbar said the only other requirement is the person needs to be 16 or older.

She said she loves doing permanent cosmetics and the reactions her clients give her once she has completed the work.

“I love doing it, I love when it’s done and it’s changed the way they look,” said Dunbar, who lives in Grand Blanc and has been tattooing for 11 years.

Sue Taylor of Grand Blanc Township said she had permanent eye makeup done and found Dunbar very pleasant and easy to work with.

“I walked in one afternoon, said what I needed, and she went to work,” said Taylor. “My skin didn’t hold the pigment well, so it faded real quick, but (Dunbar) was happy to touch it up.”

She said her work, which was not done because of medical reasons, was covered under one fee and was guaranteed for life.

Robin Soza, also of Grand Blanc, said she also wanted permanent cosmetics applied so she no longer needed to use eye liner or eye makeup.

She said Dunbar was willing to work with her and gave her what she asked for — doing both her eyeliner and eyebrows.

“I’m thrilled with it,” she said. “My friends are all jealous. I wake up in the morning don’t have to do much to get ready. I can even wear makeup to the pool.”

Soza, who had hers done because her eyebrow hair is so light it is barely visible, said the permanent makeup doesn’t look painted on at all. The tattooing took two sessions, the first to do the work and the second for any touch-up necessary.

“I recommend it to other people all the time,” said Soza. “Candy was very gentle. Even though there was a needle by my eye, it wasn’t that bad. It looks awful but not bad ... it doesn’t hurt. It’s more irritating than anything else.”

Dunbar invites anyone interested in having permanent makeup done to contact her at Almighty Tattoo for a consultation.

Details: Call 810-695-3333 or look for Almighty Tattoo on Facebook.

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