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City, township won’t block Sunday alcohol law


GRAND BLANC TWP. — After discussions as to whether or not Grand Blanc Township and the City of Grand Blanc would want to take any type of action against the State of Michigan’s new law on alcohol sales, both municipalities have opted out of doing anything.

The law, which Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed in November, went into effect on Dec. 1 and states retailers, bars, restaurants and other businesses be able to sell alcohol starting at 7 a.m. on Sundays.

The law also allows for alcohol to be sold up to 11:59 p.m. on Christmas Eve and after noon on Christmas Day.

There was a provision in Granholm’s law however that would give municipalities until Dec. 15 to vote against the extension of sale hours.

“If you are OK with the concept of Sunday morning liquor sales, don’t do anything,” Township Attorney David Lattie said.

Lattie said because of the way the law was written, if the township voted against the extended hours, they may be restricting alcohol sales for all of Sunday.

However, Director of Executive Services for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission Julie Wendt said that is not true.

Wendt said that local governments could just ban the extended sales hours without it restricting the rest of their sales for that day.

Township Trustee Larry Anderson said he worried if they took action against the law that residents would take their money to other businesses in neighboring communities.

“Residents will drive to Fenton Township for Sunday sales then,” Anderson said. “So I prefer we do nothing and let the state law run its course.”

Much like Grand Blanc Township, the City of Grand Blanc also decided not to take any action against the law.

Mayor Michael Matheney said it could benefit the city to have the extended sales.

Businesses wanting to sell alcohol between 7 a.m. and noon on Sundays would have to pay an additional annual fee of $160 in which Matheney said the city would receive 45 percent of those revenues.

The new law for both the city and the township businesses will begin on Dec. 16.

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