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Right Wing loves to revise history

I read the letter "Of Mice and Men" by Brenda Harris, with both amusement and disbelief. It is amazing how the right wing of the Republican party can so quickly revise history. She states "who can forget the Obama takeover of banks and Michigan's beloved auto industry?"

Well, apparently, she, as so many other Republicans like her, have forgotten rather quickly that the "takeover of banks", or bailout of banks, was acually proposed by and signed into law by President George W. Bush in the month prior to the 2008 election.

Who can forget John McCain "suspending" his campaign to rush to Washington to help "solve" our financial crisis. Apparently, all the Republicans have.

Likewise, the so called bailout of our auto industry was begun by President Bush on December 19, 2008, to keep the industry afloat after mainly Senate Republicans rejected legislative bailout efforts.

Thank God President Obama decided to expand on this bailout, and now it appears our auto industry is on much more solid ground. Of course, he will never get any credit from the Republicans. If Bush did it, it's fantastic, if Obama does the exact same thing, it's the end of our democracy as we know it.

The hypocrisy is beyond belief.

As far as dividing the nation through healthcare and "ramming" it through, that is just plain rhetoric meant to divide this nation even more. President Obama was elected with an overwhelming majority, and one of his main platforms was healthcare reform.

All parts of the Senate Bill were passed out of committee, it included more than 200 Republican amendments and ultimately passed with 60 votes, a filibuster-proof supermajority last year on Christmas Eve. The House passed the exact same bill in an up and down vote and did not use the "deem and pass" rule which Republicans vilified, yet of course have used themselves 130 plus times in the last decade. Yes, hypocrisy once again. Republicans do it, it's fine, it's Democrats do it, it is some crazy plot to undermine the will of the people. Republicans seem to still think they are charge — news flash — Democrats control the White House and both branches of Congress. It is called majority rule, just because your side knows how to scream louder and hijack the message doesn't mean you get what you want. When you had the majority you got what you wanted, two tax cuts mainly for the rich which were unpaid for, two wars which were unpaid for and Medicare part D (which I agree with), but was also unpaid for. All three added to the deficit. This healthcare bill will actually reduce the defict over the next two decades, while insuring 32 million more Americans.

As for trying to repeal this Healthcare Insurance Reform Bill, the Republicans would be crazy to try. It is actually freedom for Americans from the tyranny of the never before legislated insurance companies.

Go ahead, repeal the provision that children can't be excluded for pre-existing conditions. Go ahead, repeal the provision that seniors will have no co-pays now on preventitive care, and try to reopen the donut hole that costs many seniors thousands of dollars for their prescription drugs. Tell sick people once again insurance companies can put annual limits and lifetime limits on their care and their policies can once again be cancelled as soon as they become ill.

Take away tax credits for small businesses to provide insurance for their employees. Tell parents that kids can't stay on their policies until they are 26. Put the insurance companies back in charge, we see how well that has been working. Interestingly, I have already heard many leading Republicans back away from repealing these things, because they know they are good for this country. They were against Medicare initially (go to youtube and search Reagan and Medicare), but they sure never try to repeal Medicare now.

I urge everyone to discover what is really in this bill now that the crazy rhetoric is falling away. Everyone will discover that there are many good things in it which will benefit all age groups. — Erin Symons, Grand Blanc

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