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Is putting really important?

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BY STEVE CARLSON Did you know that nearly fifty percent golf strokes occur on the putting green? So, if you’re only focusing on your drives and fairway shots, you’re ignoring 50% of your game.

Keys to good putting

READING PUTTS — Look at your putting line from the side and from behind ball. This should help you determine if the putt is up hill or down (speed), and if the putt will curve to the left or right (break).

QUICK PRE-PUTT ROUTINE — Visualize and make an educated guess on putting line (break), and speed (uphill or down). Make several practice putting strokes visualizing the speed and break of the putt.

How do I swing the putter?

SET-UP — Shoulders should be square to the target line with hands even or slightly ahead of the ball. The ball should be positioned closer to left foot with more weight on your left side. Keep grip pressure light and keep your eyes over the putting line.

BACKSWING — Arms, shoulders and putter move back in a one piece motion with no weight shift. Do not break the wrist. Keep the putter head low to the ground with head and lower body remaining motionless.

FORWARD SWING — Arms and shoulders will take putter head back down same path as backswing. Putter head should be square at impact with slight acceleration through impact, while keeping head and lower body motionless.

THE FINISH — Head and lower body remain motionless while keeping head down looking at where the ball was.

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