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Final curtain call

Fat Guy’s Corner
March madness has brought down the final curtain here in 2010. It was curtains for the Butler Bulldogs as Duke ended the dream winning the national title game, 61-59. Duke, which many thought didn't deserve a number one seed, proved those "experts" all wrong. Duke's big three—Singler, Smith, and Scheyer—carried the Bluedevils to the title throughout the whole tournament.

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist         Jeff Day — Sports Columnist Butler's run was a complete joy to watch and brought mid-majors in college basketball to the forefront. They absolutely defied all odds not to mention wrecked brackets galore along the way. Monday night they just couldn't complete the mission. The five starters were 14-50 from the field. When you shoot the basketball like that, you aren't supposed to win. However they came within one half-court shot—which almost went in— from becoming NCAA champions.

Coach "K" from Duke has now won three national titles in three different decades and four in total. Coach "K" has spent 30 years at Duke and has become one of the greatest coaches ever. The tourney lived up to the hype in 2010. I ask. “is this the last one with only 64 teams participating?” My feeling is expansion is coming to the Big Dance. Duke you’re 2010 NCAA champions. MSU, congratulations also on your tremendous journey through the tourney. Kalin Lucas, the best player, was down with an injury, yet a Final Four appearance once again. Tom Izzo and company, what a program you have in East Lansing. All Spartan backers should be proud.

Hot wings

The Red Wings got the job done and will be playing some playoff hockey in Hockey Town. Since the Olympic break, Detroit has been playing at a high level and racking up "W's" on the ice. Where they finish seedingwise and who they play in the playoffs might not be decided until Sunday, the last day of the regular season. Believe me when I tell you this, nobody wants to face the Red Wings and I don't think the Red Wings really care who they face either. When you’re hot, you just want to stay hot and hopefully roll

into June and play for Lord


Jimmy Howard has had a

great regular season, but it

is not the playoffs. Jimmy has not experienced one

playoff series in his career.

Concerned you ask? would answer yes.

I'm excited to

watch this

hockey club now that they are healthy and in the playoffs. It's time to get excited Hockey Town because it's playoff time in Detroit next week.

On the right foot

The Tigers win on opening day in Kansas City. The Tigs trailed, 4-1, before blistering the K.C. bullpen for six runs in the seventh inning. Justin Verlander allowed four runs in five innings; not too good if you ask me. This isn't Murderers Row in Kansas City at the plate. Mr. Verlander still lets his pitch count get too high, too early in ballgames. He will need to pitch better if the Tigers are to win the Central Division. The Tigers’ home opener is Friday and the Fat Guy will be in attendance.

High drama

The most anticipated Masters ever, in my opinion, takes place this week. Tiger Woods’ return to the golfing world and away from the tabloid world starts Thursday. Personally, I think he will struggle and not finish in the top ten. I could be wrong, and it won't be the first time, or the last. I just don't think you can be away that long from golf and perform well. I will be watching just like everyone else.


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