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Water study notes city in good standing on quality


GRAND BLANC — The state of Michigan found no significant sources of contamination in the city of Grand Blanc’s water supply during the 2009 calendar year states a recent water quality report.

Of the four groundwater wells that provide residents water for baths, drinking and other activities, two wells rated at low susceptibility for contamination while two other came in at moderate susceptibility.

The state of Michigan has a seven-tier scale for source water, starting with “very low” and up to “very high based on several factors, including contamination sources, geological sensitivity, water chemistry and well construction.

Traces of several contaminants were found in the city’s water supply, but the amounts came in well below the maximum contaminant level, or MCL, allowed by state and federal laws.

Arsenic, created typically by erosion of natural deposits, runoff from orchards or runoff from glass and electronics production wastes, came in at three parts per billion, well under the MCL of 10 part per billion. Flouride was found at 0.91 parts per million, under the four parts per million allowed by the MCL. Fluoride is often caused, according to the study, by erosion of natural deposits and discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories.

No traces of microbial contaminants, such as total coliform bacteria, fecal coliform or E.coil were found in the water supply, while chlorine was found in the water at 0.6 parts per million, far under the four parts per million allowed.

Contaminants found in source water can include microbial (viruses and bacteria); inorganic (salts and metals); pesticides and herbicides; radioactive (naturally occurring or result of oil and gas producing and mining); and organic chemicals (synthetic and volatile organic chemicals that can run from gas stations, septic systems or urban stormwater runoff).

The city has taken a step recently in ensuring the continuation of regular water flow to residents, approving $12,800 its March 24 meeting to purchase a new motor for one of the wells. Grand Blanc Department of Public Works director Matt Wurtz said the well is in a critical spot and without a new motor “we can’t get water.”

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