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Township to begin mosquito control program


GRAND BLANC TWP. — Grand Blanc Township officials want to decrease the mosquito problem and reduce the chances of people contracting diseases such as the deadly West Nile virus. The township and Rose Pest Solutions will start the Mosquito Abatement Program on April 19.

“If we control the water we will control a large volume of mosquitoes,” said Mike Rogers, district manager at the Troybased Rose Pest Solutions. “We will respond to residents’ calls and concerns.”

Rogers said the program consists of seven elements: Early spring survey to locate potential breeding habits; testing and monitoring known sites with standing water for mosquito larvae; larvacide treatment of standing waters, ditches, woodland pools that test positive for mosquito larvae; adult mosquito surveillance and monitoring using an extensive array of carbon dioxide and traps and monitor adult female mosquitoes — only those bite — in the traps for three days a week and test for West Nile virus; if crews find mosquitoes in the area, they will apply a total comprehensive adulticide spraying application; and for pregnant women, people with health concerns, asthma, allergies, emphysema or compromised immune systems because of chemotherapy or other medications or environmental concerns, they should call Rose Pest Solutions at 1-800-437-6938.

This year, Rose Pest Solutions will collect tires from residents to prevent the spread of mosquitoes, Rogers said.

“We will get rid of them,” he said. “If you have two or three. We won’t collect 20 tires.”

Also, residents can call the township to have the adulticide spray shut off in front of their properties or to find out when crews will spray adulticide in their areas so they can close doors and windows and take their pets inside.

Rogers said to reduce mosquitoes residents can:

• Remove standing water from childrens’ pools, toys, ornamental pools, planters or any other item that can batch or hold water.

• Clean and change bird bath water at least once a week.

• Empty and refill pet’s water dish daily.

• Empty, cover or turn trash containers upside down.

• Grade or fill areas in your yard where there are recurring puddles.

• Put aerators in ornamental ponds.

• Make sure swimming pools and boat covers do not hold standing water and areas around pools drain properly.

• Fill animal burrows and other holes in the ground.

• Keep grass cut.

• Make sure all windows and door screens are secure and repair holes.

• Wear light colors, long sleeves and long pants when outdoors during early morning and late dusk.

• Trim trees and shrubs to allow light and air underneath and between shrubs and plants.

• Check eavestrough and gutters frequently to make sure they are free of leaves and debris.

• When sitting outside on porches and patios, use an oscillating fan. Mosquitoes cannot fly in the breeze.

• Repair leaking pipes, faucets and hoses.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website says if mosquitoes are still flying there is still a danger from West Nile virus. Infected mosquitoes spread West Nile virus that can cause serious, life-altering and even fatal disease. Keep using insect repellent, wear long sleeves and long pants and dump out standing water in the yard where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.Details: Township DPW, 810-424-2720.

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