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Letter to the Editor 08/20/2009

Get over the loss of the Buick Open
A hearty AMEN to Bud Meyers and Angela Jawors for their letters published in Viewpoint August 13, 2009!
Their viewpoint is supported by all laid-off and terminated employes of GM, both salaried and hourly. Even GM employes who are golf lovers are of the opinion that the Open should be discontinued.
While we realize the Open brings monies into the community, it seems to us that it is taking money out of the pockets of employees.
I urge each person who supports GM’s decision to eliminate this expense (GB Open) to e-mail Fritz Henderson, frederick.henderson@gm.com and let him know you support GM’s decision regarding the GM Open.
Also, e-mail Paul Scott at PaulScott@house.mi.gov to make him aware of your viewpoint and urge him to begin spending his time and energy to find a new sponsor(s) for the GB Open next year.
As Bud Meyers stated the ride is over. Adjust. — Marlene Marlowe, Grand Blanc

Board should have listened to the people
I attended the Grand Blanc Township board meeting on Aug. 13 at which the public had the opportunity to voice their opinion on the proposed millage increase. I did not hear anyone in favor for the increase in millage.
I heard a lot of conversation from the board on all the cuts they have made, but what bothers me is that no one on the board has volunteered to take a cut in wages and benefits to help the township during these difficult economic times. The other issue that remains is that the township must tighten its belt and learn to do more with less, all the citizens of the township have seen their homes depreciate in value and a lot of the citizens have lost a lot of the benefits for which they worked all of their lives.
Raising taxes or millages is the wrong thing to do. The elected board members need to understand that they were elected to serve us, the township people and they can also be removed from office during the next election.
The board needs to start making the difficult decisions of reducing staff or programs in order to meet any short fall, but do not come to the people asking for a millage increase in these difficult times. — Andre Visser, Grand Blanc Township

Death by provision
One after one, town hall meetings are erupting over the Obama plan to socialize/nationalize medicine. What has been the response of the White House, but to sponsor a website (flag@whitehouse.gov) now changed to (whitehouse.gov/realitycheck), whereby neighbor can turn on neighbor.
There is an electronic link to “snitch”, to report so-called “fishy-disinformation” concerning ObamaCare H.R. 3200 to the White House. However, this prescription is not your average, take two aspirins and call in the morning...
With all the heated debate concerning H.R. 3200’s euthanasia provisions, rightfully dubbed “death panels”, a reality check is in order. From Obama’s meteoric rise, his short Senate career to the presidency, the record shows a “yea” vote in support of abortion, partial-birth abortion, and infanticide. One of the first pieces of legislation signed, upon entering the Oval Office is for the funding of overseas abortions, then came the signing of fetal stem cell research (the process of killing ‘live’ embryonic stem cells). Obama wields a mighty pen of destruction. Ergo, the president has never seen a piece of killing-field-legislation he isn’t for. Mirror, mirror on the townhall wall, America, now, has a president who is the antithesis of the wisdom of Solomon, signing into law not the eternal but the genocidal “divide the baby.” If the president cannot care about the least of us (the aborted), how can Obama’s health care plan care about the rest of us? — Brenda Harris R.N., Grand Blanc Township

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