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Field Notes 08/21/08

North Branch archer gets gold
WATERFORD — Lynne Blakey-Taylor, a senior finger shooter out of Starlight Archery in Lapeer and the Saginaw Valley Archers Association, brought home a gold medal from the MSO shoot.
Taylor shot a 720 out of 900, breaking the old mark in the senior ladies freestyle limited division. She now holds the new state record. A shooter for 10 years, this was her first outdoor shoot where she shot 40, 50 and 60 yards.
Taylor’s husband Skip broke the old record he set last year (783) in the male freestyle limited senior division after scoring 790.
Taylor said, “You know, after shooting for more then 10 years, I believe it is not the competition between two or more people, but the competition with yourself that matters. All you really want to do is shoot your very best and to just get a little better each time. I didn’t know how my score rated until we got home and I checked last year’s results. That’s when I realized no one had shot in my age group (50-54) until this year.”
Taylor added, “It was nice to set a state score. Now I have something to work toward next year. I was the only shooter in my age group this year so I took the gold medal.”
The one thing that Taylor also took home from the shoot was the knowledge that “it is a humbling sport, and I have grown to love it.”

Field Notes by Lisa Paine

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